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I purchased a set of aftermarket flush mount turning signals for my motorcycle. The description said they would fit my bike, but when i received them they were far too small. I emailed the seller through eBay messages stating the problem and gave them a chance to fix the problem. They said to return it. I responded with a question about whether or not they would refund the return shipping since this was an error on their part. I was told yes.

I package the unopened signals carefully, purchase and print a Priority Mail shipping label for $5.05 through the Click N Ship account I have on USPS and stuck the receipt for return shipping in the package before sealing it, then sent it on its way.

Some time later I check for the refund, and they've only refunded the original cost, not the return shipping also like stated in the messages. I messages the seller again asking what happened to the return shipping refund and I'm told they don't do that. By this time, I'm furious and demand the shipping to be returned like they told me it would be! Their next response? It only costs a few cents to ship back first class.

Well, Sin City Cycle Parts, had you looked in the package I put together so nicely, you would've clearly seen the shipping labels receipt I included so thoughtfully! Whether it cost a few cents like you claim (you and i both know it would cost at LEAST $1.86 to ship that back, not a few cents!), or $5.05 like provided on the receipt I sent with the item, you still told me that you refund the return shipping cost and you refuse to.

I am leaving a follow up comment to the negative feedback letting people know that I will forward them the string of messages proving your incapability to do your customers right by keeping your word.

You will not get any of our business again. You are a worthless company.

For those that would like the info, the tracking number was 9405503699300389454943 and the transaction number was 261187287.

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